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Sports Events 2023

I am pleased to say that I will be providing sports massage and soft tissue therapy to the participants at the following events over the summer:

Bournemouth 7s

This unique "Sporting Glastonbury" is a combination of sport and live music as

400 teams participate across seven sports followed by a wide variety of entertainment. It will be an interesting three days dealing with the large variety of sportsmen and women requiring sports massage, soft tissue therapy and injury rehabilitation. My job will be to get them back out on the pitch, court or dance floor as quickly as possible!

Royal Windsor Triathlon

This is an iconic triathlon event that has been running for 30 years against the historical backdrop of Windsor Castle. In 2022, Red Bull rated the Royal Windsor Triathlon as the top triathlon event in the UK. I shall be providing sports massage and soft tissue therapy to help the post event muscular recovery of the Macmillan Cancer triathletes.

British Canoeing World Championships

In September, the ICF World Championships will be taking place at Lee Valley White Water Centre. Lee Valley is the home base for British Canoeing Athletes and was also the site where canoeing and kayaking took place during the London 2012 Olympics.

This event is being used as part of the Paris 2024 Olympic team selection for many of the countries taking part. It will be a pleasure working with elite sportsmen and women including Olympians to help them address any muscular issues through sports massage and soft tissue therapy whilst competing in a world championship event.

I really enjoy providing sports massage and soft tissue therapy with other therapists to a wide range of elite and amateur sportsmen and women.

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