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Football Injury - Hamstring Strain

Good result for England Womens football team against the USA last night.

A common injury that is experienced by many football players is a hamstring strain.

The hamstring muscle is a 2 joint muscle which is found at the back of the leg. This muscle works over the hip and knee to bend the knee, pulls the leg behind and also turns the lower leg from side to side when knee is bent.

The muscle is working throughout walking and running therefore is susceptible being injured as there isn’t much time to allow for recovery during training or a match. Injury is caused by the muscle fibres overstretching which could be caused by sudden change of direction during running or might be caused by long term overuse and not carrying out appropriate recovery.

There are 3 grades of hamstring injury which can range from mild to severe as detailed below. More details about the symptoms, management and rehabilitation can be found in the attached pdf.

Grade 1: The fibres in one of the muscles overstretch but don’t tear. There may be mild hamstring pain or swelling located at the injury site but you can usually use your leg.

Grade 2 - One or more of the muscles are partially torn. Pain and swelling may prevent the leg from being used until recovered.

Grade 3 - the muscle completely pulls away from tendon or bone. The swelling and pain that is felt is severe and it may be difficult to use the affected leg.

Previous strain and not carrying out appropriate recovery is a big risk factor for future injury.

Downloadable PDF documents containing useful info about injuries and suitable recovery options can be found in this blog.

The information contained within this post is solely for general information only. If you do pick up an injury (including 'tightness' 'irritation' or 'niggle') that you’re worried about then the sooner it’s treated the better.

Please contact me using one of the methods below if you would like to discuss how I can help you move with ease.


Football Hamstring Strain
Download PDF • 290KB

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