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Football Injuries - Ankle Sprain

Football - Ankle Sprain
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Good result for England Womens football team against the USA last night.

With all the running that occurs during football matches and training, ankle injuries can happen due to the twisting and turning that is required.

Ankle sprains can happen simply by the ankle rolling inwards or outwards whilst playing. These movements can overstretch the ligaments on the inside or outside of the ankle.

Injuries can vary in severity from mild twist to complete ruptures which will take different amount of time to recover and heal depending upon the severity. Proper treatment and rehabilitation is needed to help recovery as even a mild twist can result in joint stiffness, ligament laxity and reduced mobility.

Not receiving appropriate treatment could result in injuring the ankle in the future due to the ligament become weakened and not able to support the ankle properly.

Downloadable PDF documents containing useful info about injuries and suitable recovery options can be found in this blog.

The information contained within this post is solely for general information only. If you do pick up an injury (including 'tightness' 'irritation' or 'niggle') that you’re worried about then the sooner it’s treated the better. Please contact me using one of the methods below if you would like to discuss how I can help you move with ease.



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